17 faces, 17 vocations... Welcome to the Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

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Welcome to the Clinique du Souffle le Pontet, an establishment specialising in respiratory rehabilitation located on the Plateau d'Hauteville (01)! In this privileged environment, pneumologists, physiotherapists, hotel staff, psychologists and nutritionists have spoken to us to tell us more about their work.

Collaborateurs - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

Discover the portrait of 17 of these employees, their convictions and what motivates them in their daily work, committed day after day to the well-being of their patients.


Philippe - Teacher of Adapted Physical Activities and sophrologist
Philippe - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I am an Adapted Physical Activities Teacher and sophrologist. I offer workshops focusing on physical activity and body and respiratory awareness in the context of respiratory rehabilitation of patients. I also work on stress management and pain management.

I specialise in the study and transmission of qigong. Qigong is a set of techniques which aim to preserve health. Qi gong meaning "breath work", it seemed obvious to me to work on the breath clinic.

I enjoy the contact and exchanges with patients, working in a multidisciplinary team, as well as the diversity of my interventions.


Lorie – Psychologist
Lorie - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I've wanted to be a psychologist since high school!
What I like most is the contact with people, helping them and also the diversity of the profession. For me, the advantage of working in a clinic is the multidisciplinary nature, being part of a team, feeling that my work will help the other professionals, just as they help me. I can shed light on certain situations.

It is our duty to make the patient's voice heard!


Sonia – Health executive
Sonia - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 As a health executive, I am in charge of managing care, patient admissions, coordination between all the teams (doctors, administration, care, etc.) and their organisation (planning, task sheets, etc.). It's a lot of phone calls and logistics!
I like this coordination work as well as the contact with the patients because we are in charge of both the patients and the teams.

This is a central position and no two days are the same!


Lucie – Dietician/Nutritionist 
Lucie - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 The patients I see in consultation want to stabilise, regain or even lose weight. The achievement of their goals is sometimes illusory. But in my eyes, the patients are the captains of their ships and I am the compass that guides them and helps them to reach the land. Being a dietician is my vocation. I love what I do and I can't see myself doing anything else!


Olivier – Maintenance technician
Sonia - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I also take care of the maintenance of the leaking taps, the balneo / the green areas / the oxygen tanks... I also accompany patients to consultations if they are nearby. As they say, I'm the handyman!


Marielle – Nursing assistant
Marielle - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 It wasn't a vocation at the beginning, I was looking for work and I got this opportunity in Le Pontet after my studies. And I like it there, I've been there for 26 years! In my job, patience is a necessary quality! I like to feel useful, to help and to be in contact with people.


Anaïs – Adapted physical activity teacher
Anais - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 My work consists of using physical activity for rehabilitation (coordination, cognitive work, memory) and for the rehabilitation of the patient.

The treatment is extremely varied and is adapted to the needs, capacities and objectives of the patient. I propose different physical activities (adapted basketball, step,...), I work with different materials for muscular reinforcement (dumbbells, medicine ball,...), and I propose balance workshops, but also swimming pool sessions (aquagym, aquabike...).

Therapeutic education sessions are also offered to patients:
- What is the benefit of physical activity?
- How to properly practice the exercises recommended for the return home?

The most pleasant thing is to exchange, to spend time with the patient and to see his evolution. This profession gives me a real sense of purpose. The day-to-day work at the Clinique du Souffle provides us with beautiful life lessons and human experiences.

My motto: NO PAIN NO GAIN, straight to the point, know how to fight and get up again at each stage of life.


Amandine – Hotel Agent ASH
Amandine- Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 As a Hotel Service Agent (ASH), I am responsible for the cleanliness and good order of the establishment. I can take care of the rooms but also the physiotherapy rooms, the gym, the hall...

To clean large areas, I use an auto scrubber, it's fun and very practical!
I am a "maniac", so this job suits me very well! 😊


Benjamin – Rehabilitation Manager
Benjamin - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 What I like best about my job as a Rehabilitation Manager is to be a real player in the professional development of my team members, to put them in the right conditions to give their best.
I love this feeling of usefulness: contributing to the improvement of comfort in the daily life of our patients.

What does my job involve?
I manage teams of teachers of adapted physical activities, a physiotherapist, a dietician, a psychologist and social workers. My main mission is to coordinate and put into action all these professionals who work with the chronic respiratory patient in order to improve his or her quality of life.


Clémence – Nurse
Clémence - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 My favourite part of my job is the contact with the patients, the exchanges with my colleagues and providing care. This is not my first job and what I particularly like here at the Clinique du Souffle is the good atmosphere!


Imtethal – Pneumologist
Imtethal - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 What I like most in my job as a pulmonologist is the improvement that we can bring to the patient: when he/she leaves the facilities and is much better, that he/she has recovered his/her quality of life, his/her breath, his/her respiratory functions...
I started in internal medicine, which gave me a very good basis to do pneumology afterwards.


Paulina – Physiotherapist
Paulina - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I am Polish and I started my job as a physiotherapist at the Clinique du Souffle last October, my first job in France!

Certain cardiac or respiratory pathologies can have major consequences on the quality of life. Physiotherapy sessions will enable patients to resume a more normal life and regain their independence.

It is a great source of pride to be able to participate in improving their quality of life! It's rarely easy, but it's so satisfying when we can achieve the goals together.


Christine – Pneumologist
Christine - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 Why did I choose to be a pulmonologist?
I never asked myself the question, I always wanted to be a doctor! When I was 4 years old, I already wanted to be a doctor.


Mary-Eve - IDE Hygienist Laboratory Manager
Imtethal - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I have been working at the Clinique du Souffle Le Pontet for 15 years, I have been able to follow its evolution!

I am the nurse in charge of the laboratory for respiratory function tests, breath tests and stress tests in collaboration with the doctors. I am also in charge of all aspects of hygiene, such as in-hospital training, training staff in hygiene, respecting rules and implementing procedures.

The advantages of this profession are the diversity of care, the possibility of professional development, teamwork and, above all, the contact with patients.


Eva – Teacher in Adapted Physical Activity and Health
Eva - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 My work consists of offering adapted physical activity (APA) to all publics with specific needs, with the aim of improving health and physical condition as well as psychological and social well-being.

I love everything about my work, especially its diversity, its richness and the human contact that comes with it. Each patient is unique, which requires me to be adaptable and creative in what I offer.

Throughout rehabilitation with ABS, we can build relationships with patients, see their evolution and progress through real support. ABS allows patients to leave in better shape and it is very satisfying to see them succeed.
For example, some patients say: "I didn't think I would be able to walk for so long, to do these exercises, but thanks to ABS I was able to progress and realise that now I have the ability to do it.

At the Clinique du Souffle le Pontet, I particularly appreciate the teamwork with my EAPA colleagues and the multidisciplinary nature of the professionals who work together for the benefit of the patients.


Sarah – Nurse
Sarah - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 I wanted to work in a department that combined technical and relational skills, which I found at the Clinique du Souffle where I have been working for a year now. This is my first job, which I took up after obtaining my degree.
I live on the plateau and I wanted to stay there, the setting is really nice.


Fany - Hotel Service Agent (ASH)
Fany - Clinique du Souffle le Pontet

💬 My role is to ensure cleanliness throughout the facility, I clean to ensure healthy spaces for patients, visitors and colleagues. I ensure a pleasant environment for the comfort and well-being of all.

Exchanges with patients and their relatives are also part of my daily routine, we can really create a close relationship!