1,200 permanent contracts immediately available on the new national website launched by Korian recrutement.korian.fr recrutement.korian.fr

Clariane Group

Korian announces the immediate recruitment of 1,200 people on permanent full-time contracts from among its 450 medical-social and health establishments throughout the country. The aim is not only to strengthen the permanent teams in times of epidemic but also to further support the development of services in home hospitalisation and other community living sectors ("outside the walls").

Most of these recruitments are oriented towards the care sector, but also in the hotel and catering trades, at various levels of qualification. To support this dynamic, Korian is launching a new Internet site dedicated to employment, which allows you to apply for an offer in just 4 clicks.

Among these 1,200 jobs, there are 250 nursing positions, 400 care assistant positions, 180 hospital service agent positions, and more than 100 cook and waiter positions, particularly in the Ile de France, Nouvelle Aquitaine, PACA and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regions. A few apprentice positions for the "kitchen and nursing assistant" sessions that will start at the beginning of January 2021 are also already available on the site.


"The professional perspectives that we offer are in line with the needs of society, to accompany the fragile and elderly. We are investing at many levels to offer meaningful jobs and work groups, while allowing for significant professional development," emphasises Nicolas Mérigot, Managing Director of Korian France.


Korian's new employment website: recrutement.korian.fr

All open positions are accessible via Korian's new job site. Ergonomic and easy to consult from a smartphone, it has been designed to simplify applications as much as possible. Among the innovative features, geolocation allows you to find a job within a 10 to 20 km radius of your home. It is also possible to receive alerts, for a given job and in a given region. In addition to the presentation of the professions, the site presents Korian's policy in terms of integration and continuous training. A section is dedicated to apprenticeships and internships. Employees speak via video to talk about their profession.